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PuHui is the top importer in Taiwan

We are selected as the top meat importer in Taiwan, and having more than 40% market share in our industry
Decades of reputation experience, we are the number one solution to your products. Be our supplier and let Puhui be your bridge to Taiwan 


PuHui has a very strong marketing team, we specialize in online to offline marketing, and weekly data analysis on the sales. PuHui ensure our partner’s growth and prosperity

Diverse Sales Channel

Being the leading meat importer in Taiwan for decades, we had generated a very strong sales channel which includes wholesalers, food processing plants, restaurant and hotel chains. We also working with supermarkets in sourcing new products worldwide. Our experty is in budding a better brand awareness for our long term partner


PuHui has our own food processing plant which is HACCP approved, we implemented 5s principle and 6 sigma throughout our working environment, and always treating our food processor with the highest standard, we ensure our customer can eat at ease.